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    Problem using imported clips


      I have just installed PE trial version, and know nothing about it at this stage. I imported a group of video clips, all .MPG files in HD720 or HD1080. They imported fine and can be viewed in the Organiser. When I create a new project the clips will not work. Error message: " This type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed." PE then shuts down or freezes.


      These clips play on my PC with no problem, and also work with other video editing programmes I have tried, so I don't think it is a codec problem. I have the K-lite Mega codec pack installed.


      It some point during my trials these clips did start working. But I got too many freeze ups, things got slow & I rebooted. Now they don't work again.


      I have a 2.71 GHz processor with 1.87GB of RAM & 72GB free disk space.