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    3D Effect In After Effects

    zer0hvk Level 1

      Hey everyone this is my first post here, and it happens to be a question I haven't been able to find an answer to.

      Compared to you guys I'm very new at working with After Effects, so, please, bear with me.

      I've been meaning to replicate an effect seen in this video:

      Specifically from seconds :19 to :23.

      The effect consists of showing a flat solid, then the camera angle changes to a perspective in which we see the rectangle was in fact extruded, and had depth.

      My first though was that maybe the answer was to make a render on a 3D modeling/animation program, and import that into After Effects for placing and post-production (such as the binary texture I'm guessing), but, I have a feeling there's a much simpler way to do this that I just don't know, can anyone please help me out?

      The intention is to replicate an effect like that, being able to see an element on screen which is initally seen as flat, and then have tha camera move to a perspective in which we can see the element, in fact, has depth.


      I really hope you can help me out with this.

      I hope this is the first of many posts I make on this forum.