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    Audio dub volume

    VidShooter Level 1

      I've grappled with this problem since PP2.


      I am making a simple movie of a recent holiday trip and want to add an audio track to my timeline (to correct the wrong things I say in real time.)


      I am using a Presonus Firebox firewire mixer and record to just below clipping.


      The audio waveform on the newly recorded track looks about the same amplitude as the one on the captured track, but the volume on playback is too low.

      I've used the audio mixer to boost the new audio track but I can't get a good result.



      Can anyone help?  Thanks.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          How do you define"good result"?  What exactly is "bad" about the results you are getting?

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            VidShooter Level 1

            I record onto the timeline at the maximum gain before clipping and get what seems to be a healthy audio track.

            But when I play the project, the recorded audio track is much lower volume than the audio track in the clip captured from the camcorder.


            I can increase the volume in the Audio Mixer, but it just doesn't have the same quality - even when I put on appropriate reverb, etc.


            It seems to have no headroom.


            I've been thinking I should try recording in Audition and importing, but thats a long way around for a simple voice-over.


            The bottom line is I cannot do good voice-overs in CS5.5    It seems easy in some of the consumer editors such as Powerdirector.


            Is the problem that I am recording onto the timeline rather than recording a clip and dragging it onto the timeline?


            I'd appreciate any help on how to do good and easy voice-overs.  Thanks.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I prefer Soundbooth myself (now audition in 5.5).