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    Detect when user stop to scroll Spark List

    luke3design!! Level 1


      I have a Spark List component mwith a Horizontal Layout, which I use for showing a slideshow of images.

      The user can scroll the slides by clicking on two buttons or by dragging on the List (The project is mobile but it will be also exported as air project).


      I need the slides to be perfectly centered in the viewport (the list and each slide are 1024px width) and I want to avoid that two slides are partially showed.

      It's quite easy to achieve this when i perform scroll with buttons, becuase I always scroll by 1024px at time.

      Things get harder when the user scrolls by dragging on the list (performing a classic mouse drag as well as a swipe gesture on the mobile device), because it could leave the list in an "intermediate" state in which two slides are partially displayed.

      What I would like to know if there's some kind of event which is fired when the user stops to scroll and then read the position of the scroll so I can decide how much to scroll so to display only one slide.


      do you know if there's this kind of event?


      Thanks in advance!!

      Best regards