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    Frame-sticking on YouTube


      My videos on youtube sometimes stick (ie, freeze frame for a split second), breaking smooth-flowing motions.


      A perfect example is here at time 1:43 (closing title) as 'Stay Tuned' sweeps in from a distance.





      At least for me, the 'Stay Tuned' usually has at least one sticking moment, making it appear like a ham-fisted production.


      But the actual video is encoded with a flawlessly smooth sweep in, so the bug is in its reading.


      It sticks less often with youtube's 720p resolution.


      The sticking points are always unique per run.


      Any idea the cause / cure for this?


      And does it actually run smooth for you?


      Thanks so much for any help that can be given.

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          A=A Level 1

          The 'Stay Tuned' animation was created in After Effects and rendered in Premiere Pro.

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            shooternz Level 6

            It wil be a streaming issue and nothing to do with your movie.



            Try viewing it with HD turned off.

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              A=A Level 1

              Right, as I note, the file itself has flawless motion. And curioulsy, HD usually improves it.


              I'm just wondering if in the wide array of file types and render settings there's not a selection that would result in flawless youtube performance.


              There is a youtube render Preset, but I've always found the quality to be lower than what I want and when I modify it, the Preset type is redefined as Custom. But maybe keeping it at the youtube Preset is the answer, and the higher quality I want is the problem. But I see higher-qualitiy videos on youtube that don't stick. ???

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                shooternz Level 6

                What size is the source footage and sequence?

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                  A=A Level 1

                  1280 x 720 for both, and the source footage in the 'Stay Tuned' example is pure After Effects, no prior footage.


                  The better youtube performance with 720p suggests rendering to fit the 480p default might be the way to go. But I hate to cut potential quality.


                  Wish 720p was youtube's default if the file is 720! Probably some day not too far off.