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    Images as Buttons and Image Resizing in mxml


      Sorry for all the questions but I've run into a problem when trying to create buttons that are just an image in mxml. When I first tried this I couldn't find a way to get the border around the button to dissapear so it ended up looking like my image had an extra black border around it. Then someone here suggested I just set the buttonMode property of an mx:Image to true which ended up working fine to a point. The problem I'm having is that even if I make the tabEnabled property of the image (that I'm using as a button) true, I can't tab over to it. Is there a way to either get rid of the black borders of a button or to make it so I can tab over to an image I'm using as a button?


      My second question has to do with image resizing. Lets say I have an image of a horizontal line that I want to put at the top of the mxml page, and I want it to extend the full length of the page, even after the user has resized the browser. Is there a way to do that? I've tried putting the width as 100% or giving the image a "left" and "right" value so that presumably it would be stretched to fit within those but nothing has worked so far. Is there no way to do this or am I doing something wrong?


      Thank you for any help you guys can give.