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    solid state hybrid

    screeen Level 1

      Hi all.


      I am configuring an Alienware M18x laptop (http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=dkcwkr1&c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&model_ id=alienware-m18x), noting that Alienware recommends a 3Gb SSD while alternatively offering a disk that's 1TB Raid 0 (2x500) 7200 RPM Solid State Hybrid.


      So, my question - does anyone know anything about Solid State Hybrid hard drives for editing video? as opposed to either Solid State or just a large (raid-ed or not-raided) 750 Gb 7200RPM drive?


      And, considering that the question is NOT - which is better, laptop or desktop, for ediiting video, because it is clear from many of the discussions that desktops are better, what is it like editing on an Alienware laptop? Any suggestions welcomed.



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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Sounds like Dell is offering a 2x RAID 0 configuration of Seagate's Momentus XT 500GB drives; this design supplements a normal hard drive with a tiny SSD (4GB worth) with the marketing hype that most used files are handled by the SSD space.


          I'd rate these drives only OK and would suggest you expect performance much more like a traditional hard drive than like a current generation SSD. Some users seem to swear by them others say they are slow. Newegg user ratings only give it 4 out of 5 stars on average with over 500 users having responded.


          You didn't ask, but... If you must get Dell and are technical savy, buy their stripper model and add RAM, drives, etc. yourself to keep the cost down. Any vendors drives are supported; you will need to stick w/ Dell RAM to keep your wtty. fully activated, but often simply buying it yourself and sticking it in can save cash.


          As others here will SHOUT, Dell is not the best value for a CS5 editing laptop; Sager (Clevo) is probably the best and at the low-end price point Asus has one that hits on most cylinders, but so far as I know does not yet offer a built-in eSata port to attached addition large, fast, external storage.



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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            There is one Alienware system tested (out of 471 tested results) listed on our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM5) unfortunately it is a desktop.  So it is difficult to tell how bad the results might be.  There are a number of tested laptops that might give you an idea where your proposed design might rank.

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              JCschild Level 3

              dont waste your money on either of the 2 options.

              raiding the OS is not wise unless you have imaging software and intend to use it daily or weekly.


              a standard 750G as the OS is fine and a 2nd 750 for your everything else drive.


              an idea of what a newer sandy bridge laptop can do.


              Premiere Pro CS5 Version 5.0.3 Testing


              4 WD 1Tb Sata 64 Meg Cache 600 Drives in 2 Raid 0 arrays

              Video material - AVCHD 1080P 24 Frame Each Cut to 30 minutes of material

              Export Codec - H264 HDTV 1080P 24 Preset Default

              4 Effects per Layer - Fast Color Corrector, Brightness & Contrast, Video Limiter, Sharpen

              Each Layer Scaled to 50% for 4 frame PinP view.


              I7 2600K 3.4GHZ Turbo to 4.7GHz

              16GB Blackline 1600 CL 9


              3 Layer - 31:35

              4 Layer - 34:35


              I7 2820QM 2.3GHZ

              16GB 1333 CL 9

              GTX 460M

              2 750G Seagate drives

              3 Layer – 54:11

              4 Layer – 1:01:53






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                screeen Level 1

                In responde to Bill Gherke, (and thank you Scott and JEsShort01)


                My affinity to laptops results in the fact that I am currently based in Israel and therefore in need of a mobile unit. Further and crucially, the unit needs to be service-able here in Israel, if anything goes wrong because I am not very tech savvy, and it seems that only Dell has international service for their laptops. Certainly i am heeding your remarks and those of others, not rushing into anything, and have been considering to build a desktop here.


                In any case, I'd appreciate knowing which laptops have been tested? And i assume you mean tested on PPBM5? If you can post the link.


                thanks very much

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  Here is the link to our new beta site.  It is not finished yet but if you go to this URL you then have to go to the lower of the two grey bars and go to the box that says "Computer Type" clicking on it will sort it alphabetically so the first click you will get all Desktops at the top of the list.  The second click will bring the Laptops to the top of he list.  Notice the best scoring (Total Score) is a Sager.  Unfortunately we do not yet have the Manufacturer listed in this new format.  You should take down the total score on units that you might want to check up on and go to the normal PPBM5 list to get that information.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    I have disabled the link Bill gave, because it is purely for our administrative purposes and contains information not suitable for publication. If you get a link error, then all is fine. That is what I intended.


                    Instead look here PPBM5 Latest News

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                      screeen Level 1

                      Scott, hi, I am unclear about your mention of sandy bridge laptops: where are you seeing these specs, there don't seem to be any laptops among the benchmarked results table on the PPBM5 website, as Bill mentions. Did you mean a specific brand or was it build from various parts via newegg.com?



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                        screeen Level 1

                        Harm, thanks for eliminating the confusion; and, somewhat deviating from the topic in question (i.e. hybrid ssd), i'd like to mention that I'm finding the old site as good in terms of elaborating  disk setup, with info on OS, Projects and Outputs disks elaborated, while the new one does NOT.


                        In any case, i should mention that it is quite difficult for me to comprehend the results chart on both; (I have been a Mac user, am new to PC,) any tips, from anyone on how to look at the result chart - i will indeed welcome, in continuing my deliberations (for quite a while now) on the components for building a new machine; particulary i am having a tough time deciding on the CPU - whether to get 1 or 2 chips, and on the kind of hard disks and their setup. Following a previous thread, I've concluded to NOT raid, and have decided to get 3 disks, but still deliberating which ones. (I'm pretty clear on the graphics cards, NVIDEA Quadro but need to check the prices here in Israel, which is where i am now based.)



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                          JEShort01 Level 4

                          I'm confused about the 1 or 2 cpu comment; have you dumped the idea of a laptop now?

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                            JCschild Level 3

                            sandy bridge laptops are what is being sold now. (all new should be that unless someone has old stock)

                            the processor will have 4 numbers vs last gen 3 numbers


                            IE: 2820QM vs 640M

                            that benchmark was from one of our laptops using our benchmarks not PPBM.


                            the Q means quad. there are also dual sandy bridge mobiles

                            you definately want a quad


                            you wont find too many laptops on PPBM i dont think we bothered to submit the PPBM #s on our laptop




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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              Forget about the Rank column (I'm currently working on that) but all the rest of the info is here: http://ppbm5.com/DB-PPBM5-2.php

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                                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                If you go to that link that Harm has provided and the click twice on the box at the top of the "Total" column and then twice on the "Computer Type" box you will see all 13 laptops at the top of the list and the very top one will be a Sager with a i7-950 with only 12 GB.


                                The Kobalt G170 computer right below it is made in England and is using a Clevo motherboard (forget the Intel info).  So you can most likely buy a Sager, Eurocom, and many others with this same motherboard outfitted almost identically.  Notice it has an i7-2820QM high-end Sandy Bridge and full 16 GB of RAM but the important thing to notice is that this score was achieved with CS5.5.  Our CS5.5 testing with PPBM5 shows that the MPEG2-DVD encoding score is 2 to 3 times higher than CS5 scores because of a change in the way Adobe is doing its memory caching.  Therefore if you mentally reduced that score for comparison with the CS5 tested scores it would rank as our fastest laptop by a considerable margin over the older generation and under configured (RAM-wise) Sager.


                                I am speculating but I believe that if that same Kobalt/Sager/Eurocom/Clevo/etc. configuration were tested using the CS5 version the Total Score would be someware between 245 to 273 seconds.


                                If I were you and want a real Premiere Pro portable workstation I would check to see if any of the Sager, Kobalt, or Eurocom units might be serviced in Israel.  You could also check with Clevo in Canada and see if they have or know of sales and service for their components in Israel.


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                                  screeen Level 1

                                  JEShort01, hi. My affinity to laptops stands. Nonetheless, and/or alternatively, I am considering to build a desktop, have been for quite a while, and in this respect, am deliberating the type and number of cpu's, as well as disk types i.e.  hard disk and ssd-ies. It is a bit more difficult for me to move forward in my decision because, as mentioned, i have been a Mac user and thus have not had the priveledge/labor of technical uniqueness (in terms of computer components), but also because i am in Israel, which is quite more expensive than the US in all respects plus not all parts and brands are available, must be imported.

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                                    screeen Level 1

                                    thanks Scott, this is good:)

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                                      screeen Level 1

                                      there is no "Total" column to be seen:(

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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        Look again:


                                        24-6-2011 15-52-21.png

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                                            screeen Level 1

                                            Thanks for this Bill, it seems that Kobalt will have an international warranty soon that'll work for me in Israel.