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    Can't login


      Ok I just found this wonderful site but, it will not allow me to login. I already have an adobe account and the password works fine. It just keeps telling me to try again. I already followed the steps at http://forums.adobe.com/message/3690554#3690554 so that doesn't seem to be the problem. I have no clue what else to try at this point. Any help is appreciated.

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          atjain Adobe Employee

          Hi djbrown720,


          It  is unfortunate that you are facing a login problem with kuler. Could  you please tryout whether you are able to login with the Kuler Desktop App. Kuler desktop can be downloaded here. (Requires Adobe AIR).



          Kuler Team

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            djbrown720 Level 1

            Ok I downloaded the app I can login it but I  seem to frequently get a message

            saying "Kuler Kutoff! Your session has timed out,please  sign in again."  I

            happens when I try to load themes.

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              atjain Adobe Employee

              The message occurs sometimes when there is a timeout due to network problems. Coming back to the website, since you can login with the AIR app, the problem is specific to some setting within the website. Have you tried clearing the browser cache/checking whether the problem exists in some other browser.  How much cache size is allocated to kuler.adobe.com in the Flash Player Settings as discussed in the mail thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/3690554#3690554. Information regarding the OS version and the browser would be useful in finding the cause of the issue.



              Kuler Team