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    link behaviour in php application

    zabberwan Level 1



      In a log-in and registration php application, I have my links in the sidebar and remain visible when clicked show different elements in the main content.

      However, these do not show as inactive or inert when their corresponding  element is showing in the main content. For example I hover over the  link it changes its color and I click on it, it shows the login form,  but the link to the login form does not show as or become inactive.

      The behavior properties in the css file seem to make no difference at all.


      // Display links based upon the login status - (if user is logged in):
      if (isset($_SESSION['user_id'])) {


          echo '<a href="log_out.php" title="Logout">Logout</a><br />
              <a href="change_password.php" title="Change Your Password">Change Password</a><br />
              <a href="../reg_log.php" title="Login">Login</a>



      Here's the CSS:


      #sidebar a:hover {
          background-color: #E0DDD8;


      /* When the link is pressed down and showing the element; this property is not showing */
      #sidebar a:active {
          background-color: #E0DDD8;


      Any ideas how to achieve this?

      Thank you