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    Disable the (ctrl+shift+s) of reader plug in

    aneelbakshi Level 1



      I have a link on my html page which opens the pdf file in html pooup window.


      I know if pdf is visible in browswr window its already in browser cache. I am ok with it.


      But what I want I dont want to give any other option to the user to save the pdf through the opened html popup.


      Solution I implement:-


      1) Hidden the menu bar of html popup.

      2) Hidden the menu bar of acrobat reader's plug in.


      So now user do not have any visible option to save the pdf.



      If user presses the (ctrl+shift+s) to save as prompt window pops up.


      Can I restrict this.


      Is their any type of setting/command in adobe acrobat which I can implement in my pdf which disables the save as commnad of adobe reader pluhgin.