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    Unexpected file format.


      I just finished making my new game, using cs5.5 and all worked perfectly. Now when I try to open the .fla in the same program I used to make it, I get "Unexpected file format." and cannot open it. I have tried opening it in flash cs5 although don't know why as that obviously wouldn't work.


      The filesize is still 6.07mb so all the data is still there. Does anyone know what I can do?



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          mooseisloose Level 1

          Okay seeing as I *need* this, I am willing to pay $50 to the first person that gets it working properly.

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            Sukhi12 Level 1

            Hi ,


            Can you please let me know Full file version of Flash installed (eg. .


            Describe your OS and hardware you are using, as well as what   are the changes you made .What were the last steps your performed  like File - save .  Copy - paste movie clip etc .


            Is this file originally created in CS5.5 or previous version of Flash   CS4 / CS5


            If possible  please email your fla to us at FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com?


            I'll take a look at the file here and see If I can  recover the file

            Please note that our filter system cannot accept .zip file.


            If you are sending the file in .zip format  change the file extension from .zip to .zzz.


            Flash Authoring

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              mooseisloose Level 1

              How do I find oout the full file version?


              My laptop is Windows 7, 4GB RAM, intel i3 processor, 500GB hdd.


              The file is originally cs5.5 and is still cs5.5.


              I am e-mailing the .fla over  to you now.


              Thanks, really hope you can help!