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    Floating skin parts


      Hi all,


      I have a requirement to create a rich text editor who's toolbar only appears when the text area gets focus.  An important detail is that the toolbar should not live within the bounds of the components.  It should wrap the text area, and overlay any surrounding components.  We did this back in Flex 3 by using PopUpManager.  I'm hoping that with the new skinning architecture in Flex 4 that there's a better approach, but I haven't found it yet.


      The problem is that if you add the toolbar as a normal skin part it is bound to that component's z-index, and thus any sibling components that have a higher z-index will obscure the toolbar.  We don't have control over the z-index itself, as that's managed by whatever component is hosting the text area (grid, form item, etc...).


      For now I've worked around it using the PopUpManager approach, but this has its own problem.  That is, because the skin part is not added as a child of the skin the host component's partAdded() is never called and the event listeners that manage all the toolbar's button clicks etc. are never added.'


      Thanks in advance.