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    Upgrading from CS4 to CS5 Prod Premium

    SpareWheel Level 2

      Please excuse me if this has been discussed (although I only found one short thread relating to my question).


      I have received my upgrade version of CS5.5 (DVD version).


      I am currently running CS4.2.1 Do I have to deactivate my current version before I attempt the upgrade?


      My installation history started with Prem Pro CS4 then I upgraded to CS4 Prod Premium for the whole suite. My experience of upgrading at that time was stressed!!


      I had to go to online support and enter my Prem Pro serial number in with my Prod Premium serial number which produced a THIRD number - oh, the long winded nature of it all.... Meanwhile 24 hours later!


      So, is it now quite simple? But do I have to deactivate my current and operational version first?