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    Question about reverse effects

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      I know this might be a crazy way to create an effect in AE, but whatever works for me, huh?  Anyway, see the screenshot below.  I am creating 3 different sequences similar to the image below - TRUST, QUALITTY, and FOCUS.  At the end of FOCUS, the letter O will become part of the company logo, move up to center screen, and then the tagline comes on.


      As you can see from below, I have all three sequences set up but they're set up to how the sequence will end.  Now I have to move all elements offscreen, do one at a time so that they fly in to their end points (as seen in the image below).


      Is it possible to leave them at their endpoints like below, create the fly in (but in this case, they're flying OUT and off the screen), and then tell AF to run the effect in reverse?  This seems like it would make life so much easier to do it this way.


      Please advise and thanks.