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    Anticipating a problem with authorizing a device


      .Because I didn't deregister readers that I had to return to the manufacturer.........I am concerned that I am going to show up as having too many devices when my new reader arrives.  This will either give me a total of either 6 or 7 devices.  The fact is ...that when all is said and done I will only have 2.  However, I am concerned that because I didn't "de-register" the devices before returning them I am going to have a problem when my new Color Nook arrives on Thursday.


      Am I misunderstanding how this all works.


      What do I do to clear the returned devices that were authorized before?

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          Sorry, but I don't seem to follow you. You are talking of having to return "devices" that you have not "de-registered", and then you mention once an again Adobe Reader, which is an application. And a free one, that you download, does not require registration, and is not returned to the manufacturer. Yoy just trash it.

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            bolgos Level 1

            You are allowed to have 6 reading devices with ADE.  I have returned 3 to the manufacturers after authorizing them.  I didn't realize that I was supposed to deauthorize them.  I don't have access to the 3 devices that I returned.  I have a 4th device registered that I am now using. It works just fine.  I am expecting device #5 to arrive in two days.


            How do I delete the registrations for the 3 devices that have been returned?  My computer and ADE work just fine.  My problem is that I have 3 reading devices registered to my account...and................................I don't have these particular ebook readers anymore.  I will need to clear these 3 from my account if my spouse wants to share my account with me.

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              I understand that Adobe support people can do this with you, but I don't

              know how they do it....