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    AIR for Apple iOS Support in Flash Builder is not installed.

    AirDoctrine2 Level 1

      I've written an application in Flash Builder and I'm now attempting to get it running on an iPad.


      I am running on a Mac (OSX 10.6.7)

      I have FB 4.5 installed and downloaded the separate 4.5.1 update file successfully updated FB to 4.5.1.

      I have downloaded and installed AIR 2.7.

      I have downloaded and installed the AIR sdk.

      I have an iOS developer account and have created my developer certificatn p12 file, created an Apple Id for my application and a provisioning profile.


      I created a new "ActionScript Mobile Project" for my application and enabled the Apple iOS platform.

      I have entered my certificate and provisioning information into FB.

      I created a "Debug Configuration" for my project.


      When I run my debug configuration, I am prompted for my Certificate Password (which I enter).

      I then receive a pop-up message with the following error:


      "AIR for Apple iOS Support in Flash Builder is not installed. To enable packaging support for Apple iOS follow these instructions."



      The link for the instructions links to the following knowledge base article:



      I have Flash Builder as a part of the CS5.5 Web Premium (on DVD), which does not appear to have a "AIR for Apple iOS Support" option during the FB installation.

      So I followed the manual installation steps provided (although copying the described folders to my sdks/4.5.1 folder (rather than the sdks/4.5 folder).


      However, doing the above did not resolve the issue. I still get the same error message as before.



      Has anyone else encountered this issue, or have any suggestions on how to resolve it?


      Thanks in advance.