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    Nice to know what we are doing ... PPBM5

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      I have been negligent in updating the regular website with recently submitted results and you may wonder why there is such a lack of responsiveness from our side.


      I have 33 new entries waiting for processing, bringing the total up to above 500 and I have not done that. At least not in the regular pages.




      I have been busy. Well, that is kind of a lame excuse you have heard dozens of times, right?


      So what's up?


      My excuse is here: http://ppbm5.com/News.html and more specifically in the included link.


      The setup is in a beta phase and for explanations, hover your mouse over the grey header bar or somewhere near the info picture. You will find all the 33 entries. that have not been processed yet in the regular pages, included here.


      The entries from before the submission form was introduced (2011-01-29) are not in the database. It requires a new submission using the form to be included in the listing.




      If you proceed through the menus you will find the queries don't work yet. That is why it still is in a beta phase. The subscription model needs to be worked out, but currently all the functionality is available.




      If you look at the sorting and query options, are there things you miss, things you like added or altered? Other suggestions?


      If you give your feedback now, we may - if it is feasible - incorporate these ideas.



      Thanks for your consideration,