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    Broken Link with No References


      I'm working in RoboHelp I recently deleted a few topics in the Project Manager and ended up with Broken Links (I've never had this happen before when deleting a topic). I did a Google search and found a thread (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2969696) that may or may not deal with my problem: a response says: What you need to work out is whether this is a genuine broken link or whether it is a legacy left behind by something when it was removed. If it is a genuine broken link, you'll have to find out where the link points to and change it accordingly. If it is a legacy issue you'll have to find the reference and remove it. A good find and replace tool would be of use here. There is a search tool in your Tools tab which you can use. I'd start there and see if this finds what you require.


      This response talks about a legacy and finding a reference. However, Topic References indicate there are no references, and I'm not allowed to Edit, Delete, or Restore.The Topic shows no links. Any recommendations for what I can do to get rid of this list of broken links.


      Thanks so much for your help.



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          Amebr Level 4

          I sometimes get a "No references" message when I've been cleaning things up, although mostly when I've finished fixing a list of broken references. Sometimes restarting the PC fixes this for me so I just ignore it unless it still shows when I start my computer the next day - I assume RH is holding something in memory and not releasing it correcty, and that is cleared out on shutdown. Or you could try shutting robohelp and backing up your project, then delete the cpd and re-open the project. Note: If you've never deleted the CPD before, you may turn up a bunch of broken links you never knew existed and I've taken to doing this as a semi-regular housekeeping task.




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            friedlanders Level 1

            Thanks, Amebr - as you noted, it disappeared the next day!