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    Can't print InDesign Booklet - "fierycup filter failed" warning


      THE CULPRITS: OSX 10.6.6, Xerox 7700 WorkCentre and InDesign CS4


      THE PROBLEM: Last week I was able to print a booklet duplexed fine. I have not done ANY updates since then but it won't print now. I get this message: "Error: /Library/Printers/Xerox/Filters/fierycupsfilter failed"


      I'VE TRIED:

      1. copy and pasting into a new doc
      2. resaving and renaming doc
      3. removing all the images
      4. packaging and renaming
      5. installing new driver
      6. deleting and re-adding printer from printer list
      7. printing from Adobe Acrobat
      8. restarting InDesign
      9. swearing alot


      None of this has worked. Help?