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    Adobe Reader disabled part of the audio in a Livescribe pdf


      I was reading a Livescribe pdf and listening to the embedded audio. I pressed the go back button several times and it diabled the audio in the mid patrt of the page.  I do not how to re-enable it.  Any ideas?  Technical support was no help.  Wanted $39.00 to even talk to me.  Adobe reader should NOT be able to disable audio in a pdf file.  It doesn't have editing capability yet it did.  Green is enabled audio.  Black is disabled

      I reloaded the orginal file from the CD and the same proble exits.  Tried downloading new version of Adobe X, same problem.  New computer profile, same problem.

      Where does Adobe reader store the information whether or not a portion of the file in enabled?  Anyone know?  Can it be deleted?  Here is the screen shot: I am hoping the developers take a look at this and see that Reader CAN disable content.

      screenshot copy.jpg