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    Runtime Error CS5.5

    SpareWheel Level 2

      Spoke too soon didn't I...


      Just installed CS5.5 and after about three hours starrting to get:


      "Runtime Error" R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call.


      It crashes Adobe (white screen) and my PC. The only way to recover is to reboot. I can't say the crash is specific to any action - it just seems to be that any action in Prem Pro will cause it (happened 6 times so far).


      I have seen an earlier thread (2007) but this related to Wimdows XP.


      I'm using Vista 64 and I have CS4 still on the C drive.


      Grateful for any help.


      Here we go again!!

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          SpareWheel Level 2



          Been using HDV Split to create my M2T files for edit.


          Reading a few other sources about this problem it would seem the suggestion is third party software issues - mentioned was Cineform. Okay, so I'm not using Cineform but nonetheless I'm recapturing footage using the now (fully functional) Capture Section of Prem Pro (from my Sony Z5), which is now creating properly scene split MPEG files (instead of the previously generated M2T files created by HDV Split).


          Then I'll redit and see if I get the same runtime errors. Will report back.


          In the meantime, if anyone has any other suggestions that would be appreciated.



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            As you've already noted, that message is almost always because of a bug in a third-party plug-in. You might want to send a note to the makers of your third-party software that this error is occurring.

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              SpareWheel Level 2

              Thank you Todd.


              HDV Split is a stand alone utility, it's not a plugin nor does it try to integrate with Prem Pro in any way (that I'm aware of). I do not have any third party plugins in the CS5.5 suite of any kind (other than that installed with the CS5.5 suite).


              However, all my current project's footage was recaptured via "Capture" in Prem Pro CS5.5 giving me mpeg files rather than the HDV Split M2T file (wrapper). I had no issues after a full day's edit (yesterday) - everything worked as it should - relief.


              This morning I loaded Prem Pro and AE with no other programmes running in the background. After about 5 seconds, Runtime Error R6025 showed in AE. However, it did allow me to close the programme and restart it without a full reboot. Prem Pro remained running without issue.


              I'm not too worried as this might just be new software finding its footing in my system (and it was the first start up with a dynamic link) and providing I do not have this happening on a regular basis affecting my work then okay.


              My worksation is a dedicated to edit and media.


              I am running PC. i7 970 (no OC) with 12GB RAM on an Asus P6T MB. Nvidia GTX580 version 275.33 drivers. OS is Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I use a four-drive setup: 2x1TB Radi 0 for previews, cache (and pagefile). 1x1TB for media sources and projects. 1x1TB for media export and output. 1x500GB for OS and programmes. Drives are manually defragged about once every 3 or 4 days.CPU and MB temps are typically 42 & 41 degrees C at idle.


              I do not run any third party security software other than Zone Alarm for internet access (Firefox) and a GB switcher to my raid network storage system (another PC).


              If I have any further info on the AE side of things, I'll report back. It might be possible that I will have to do clean out and a clean reinstall (with Windows 7 perhaps) - this is my fallback strategy.


              Other than this one issue I find CS5.5 a breath of fresh air! The GPU acceleration of a lot of video effects without having to render every tweek I do is a major time saver and the acceleration generally really does bring Adobe into the professional editing arena big time.



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                anuraggrwl Level 2
                function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                it was the first start up with a dynamic link


                Can you please tell how did you used dynamic link, that is to bring a AE comp in Premiere or a PPRO sequence in AE and what does your AE comp or Sequence contains. Can you please try to reproduce this by creating a new project with dynamic linking..

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                  SpareWheel Level 2

                  Shot in my sequence: right click, "Replace With After Effects Composition"


                  I did not render the shot in AE, but used the dynamic linking between AE and PPr. I then saved the AE and PPr projects.


                  The next day (which was day 2 of 5.5) was the first time I opened the PPr project with the AE link. Runtime R6025 showed at that time when AE loaded. Unlike the previous error (in PPr) I did not get a white screen and lock up, but could close AE and restart AE in the normal way after acknowledging the runtime error message.


                  My AE comp comprised one effect (Cartoon). My sequence comprised HDV mpeg with speed change in that section. I cannot repeat the issue after creating a new project and creating a similar dynamic link, saving the projects and reopening them - all looks okay.


                  I am not using any Dynamic Linking in my latest version of this project, but can report I have had no further runtime errors during my second edit day with 5.5.


                  Therefore I can only conclude that my initial runtime problem was due to using M2T footage files created by HDV Split. I am also using AVCHD (M2TS) footage in the same timeline from a Sony NX5 imported from the Sony Content Management Utility (latest version) without issue. However, this was not in the timeline at the time of the initial problem.


                  More info:


                  At the time of the AE error I noticed that Adobe Bridge (CS4) was running in the background as it does automatically on PC bootup. I shut this down.