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    Changing format from acsm to pdf??


      I just purchased a book from lulu.com.  I downloaded adobe digital editions today.  I have a macbook pro.  It is only giving me the option to download the file in acsm format, not in pdf.  I am trying to bring up the file in my documents under digital editions and it shows a pdf file but when I click on it, it shows 293 blank pages with the title of the book on the right hand side and what appears to be a table of contents in a foreign language.  Ultimately, I'm wanting to transfer this book to my iPhone using either txtr or bluefire but when I tried txtr, I got a message that said IO error.  I have been trying everything I can think of for the past 2 hrs and am getting nowhere.  This book is very important because it pertains to a medical condition that my daughter has and I need it with me at all times for reference.  Speaking to other parents who have already downloaded this book, they have had no problems so I know it is possible.  Thank you so much in advance for any advice!

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          Not sure I can help you entirely, but I want to make sure that you understand that the acsm file is not the pdf file. It is a file that you double click on and that should either lead you to download the actual file or open it if you already have the file on your mac. For the lack of a better understanding of this file, it is essentially an intermediate file. But once you have the actual pdf file you don't need to interact with the acsm file again.


          When you attempt to download do you get an option to open with ADE or save to file? When you save to file, that will be the acsm file (double click on it). When you open with ADE that will place the pdf file or epub file in the folder users/documents/digital editions.


          Hope you daughters health improves.