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    Adding a script to a website

    Paul Klinkman Level 1

      This may be too obvious for most people but I'm stumped.  Why can't I add a third party cgi script to my website?


      It's a simple enough site search script, csScript.  On my website, local side, I created a directory in Dreamweaver MX called cgi-bin.  Next, in Windows I copied all files and subdirectories into the cgi-bin directory.  When I look for the files in Dreamweaver, they're missing. They're not part of the website, and no one is going to make Dreamweaver recognize that they're part of the site, no way.


      So, there's no visible way, no way that I can see, to add the script files to my website.  Nor does there appear to be any help anywhere on the Internet.  If the problem is too simple to see, aren't the next 100 people going to make exactly the same mistake?