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    Adobe Reader X: How to disable resource file locks of PDFs




      I develop PDFs using LaTeX tools, and like to view my PDFs with Adobe Reader X (I am currently using version on Windows XP.


      Unfortunately, I cannot compile my LaTeX documents using pdflatex (or otherwise) when the file these tools are trying to write to are open by Adobe Reader X, which appears to place a resource lock on open files.


      Is there any configuration option to prevent the Reader X from placing a resource lock on files? It is frustrating to have to manually close and re-open the reader whenever I recompile my PDFs that I am resorting to other PDF readers, like Sumatra or Foxit, which don't place locks on PDFs they read.


      I understand that the resource lock may be a solution for dealing with problems related to ActiveX components for IE, but I only use Chrome and Firefox, so this is an unneccessary and annoying behaviour.


      Thanks in advance,