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    pdf's file size expansion in OSX


      New problem for me.  A colleague sends me a PDF from a Windows based machine.  It leaves his laptop as a 4 MB file.  I receive it on my Mac and save it; it's now a 7.6 MB file.  I write a one line email and attach the PDF; it's now showing up as a 9.8 MB attachment.  When I send it out...the total file is 10.1 MB and it blows up the file size limit of the Exchange Server we use.  (I have not been able to verify the file size limit...so I'm not 100% sure that's the issue preventing sending it).  Local Mac store pros have verified nothing unusual about my Macbook Pro (1 yr old), or the file (double scanned for viruses).


      When I replicate the identical procedure on my Gateway PC, the file size remains constant at 4 MB. 


      It dawned on me that the Gateway has Adobe Reader, my Macbook Pro does not.  Could this be the source of the file size blowing up faster than Kirsty Alley at a pizza joint? 


      Even if Adobe Reader would solve the problem, I'd like to understand what could be happening here. 


      Cheers and help is very much appreciated.