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    Displaying the Title for Export Context / Progress Scope

    sandwicense Level 1

      I'm creating a publish service plugin and right now I'm writing the processRenderedPhotos function.  I've followed several examples of setting the progress title, but I can't seem to get it to work.  I also tried loading the sample flickr plugin that comes with SDK, but when I try to upload photos to my flickr account, the title that is implemented in the code doesn't seem to work either.  Here's the line of code from the sample flickr plugin:





      local progressScope = exportContext:configureProgress {
                title = nPhotos > 1
                     and LOC( "$$$/Flickr/Publish/Progress=Publishing ^1 photos to Flickr", nPhotos )
                     or LOC "$$$/Flickr/Publish/Progress/One=Publishing one photo to Flickr",




      That code is in the FlickrExportServiceProvider.lua starting on line 774.


      So far in my code, I don't have the code logic that actually uploads the photos.  the only thing that shows up in lightroom is a progress bar that says "Upading Published collections" and then one that says "downloading comments".  has anyone been able to get this to work?  Thanks in advance.