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    CPU temps? help plz ASAP



      Cooler Master 932

      5 Hard Drives

      gtx 580

      ASUS p6x58d-e

      i7 970 at stock 3.2

      (using stock intel cpu fan, has two setting Quiet and Performance aka low and high i guess)------ I was at "Q" but after the rendering high temp scary I whiched it to "P" and it runnings louder, but lower temps.


      24GB ram 1600, the first few days, my system was only reading at 1066, BUT I just enabled XMP and now it reads at 1600.

      When my computer is on and I'm only using the internet my cpu temps range from 29-32C, mostly staying at 30C. (was between 24-28, but after I enabled XMP and my ram is running at 1600, it ranges from 29-32C.


      When I ram preview in after effects or render out a heavy effect my cpu temp jump to 78C within 2secs, and it might go even higher but I got scared and stoped the rending.. Is it ok for my cpu temp to get that high? If so can it stay that high for awhile, seeing how my render is going to take a few hrs (can it stay above 78C for say 4hrs if needed)? How high of a temp should I be worried about?


      My room temp is at 76F

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Get yourself a decent cpu cooler and maybe another case fan.with an idle temp of say 30° C and full CPU load (if that is what you had) and a temperature rise of almost 50° C seems high to me running at stock speed.  Maybe we can get some other opinions  What are you using to measure the temperature?

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            smd0605 Level 1

            A program that came with my asus MB, its called PC Probe 2 v1.04.86

            I just connected the fan that came with my corsair ram and the 30C temp dropped to 28C. I have not ran after effects again becuase my scared of burning something out. (I did not have the ram Fan connected before because my intel fan faces it and its right next to it, and i was not sure if that was safe or not)

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              If your CPU fan is blowing air at the memory, then it is installed improperly.  The CPU fan should be blowing air at the rear of the case to quickly exhaust it.  As I said earlier get yourself a third party better CPU heat sink and fan unit.

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                smd0605 Level 1

                The CPU fan is not blowing air to the ram, its just next to the Ram fan


                CPU fan is blue... blowing air to the left <--------- and right next to it, the Ram have a Fan on top blowing air down onto them. I was just worried that, that would cause some kind of weird air flow.

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                  RjL190365 Level 5

                  Here is the problem:


                  Intel ships its boxed CPUs with HSFs that are barely adequate for stock speed use (at their highest, noisiest settings). In the case of the hexa-core i7-970, its stock HSF is too small, with only a single, underpowered 92mm fan for active cooling.

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                    smd0605 Level 1

                    ok thanks.. I'm looking into getting either the

                    Antec Kuhler H2O 620




                    CORSAIR Hydro H70


                    would one of those be fine?

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                      Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                      My opinion, stick with good fans and not water coolers

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                        smd0605 Level 1

                        thanks Bill

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                          Powered by Design Level 4

                          I would say that allot of people here think the Nactua NH D-14 is one of the best air coolers.


                          There is a good video here reviewing it.







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                            Daxman1965 Level 1

                            Hi smd0605,


                            I am using the same MOBO with 980X with corsair H70 and if I render a project 1:40:00 the CPU runs at 100% and the max temp on real temp is 52 on the PC probe it shows 57 and the six cores range from 42 to 52. Can you please tell me how you set your ram in the bios



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                              smd0605 Level 1

                              Hi, Darren thanks for the help first of all


                              I went into "Ai tweaker" and under "Ai Overclock Tuner" I selected "X.M.P." and automatically It went from 1066MHz to 1600MHz. I changed nothing else in there.


                              The only thing I did was made change in "Storage Configuration" under "Configure SATA as" i changed it to "RAID"


                              Side Question.. I know I have the 970 and you have the 980X but Ill still ask, How was are your previews and renders? When I use most effects like Red Giants Toonit, Form, Particular (in after effects), or even most of the stock effects it is very slow. To render 15 secs with Red Gaint Toonit it was taking 8 mins and even to Ram Preview it was taking forever. Is that just how it is with most effects or do I have something setup wrong. Its slow in both Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects CS5. Other effects run fast, just not heavy stuff. The Footage is AVCHD and with nothing added it plays very smooth. I have footage and project file saved on a RAID0 2TB (1800GB showing only thou) and Media Cache on a different RAID setup (again 1800GB) and the OS and software is on a 500GB hard drive.

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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                Using the Asus tweaker utilities is a sure way to over-voltage your whole system, leading to excessive temperatures.


                                All outside, third party effects like RedGiant etc do not benefit from hardware MPE and use time. C'est la vie.

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                                  Daxman1965 Level 1

                                  Thanks, I will try tonight.


                                  How much ram have you set AE to use and yes if I use some third party plugins my system also takes longer to render those parts. Last night I was rendering a wedding with some prodad effects and you could see the ram usage drop from 20 gig down to 8 and back up to 20 again and the same with the CPU.



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                                    smd0605 Level 1

                                    Thanks.... I have 24 total and I after effects set to use  21

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                                      Daxman1965 Level 1

                                      Hi I have 24 and set to 20, and some things are quick if I hit the rampreview and some are slow. I found yesterday while working on a project SD Pal using in Pr product photo's 3000 x 2000 px that the machine is faster without the MPE. what I mean is if I put the pic's on the time line and zoom in close and move the pic around to show the product it takes forever with the MPE on, if I use software only it red bars but you can work faster. I have found that all my 3rd party plugins slow the rendering down.