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    Need Help Doing Something Like This


      I recently stubmled something across video on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150205056856674&comments


      Please  remember that you need to be logged in to see the video. Now my concern  is, my girlfriend will be having her birthday this August, and I was  hoping to do something like the video above. I was informed that the  software used was Adobe After Effects, which BTW, I immediately bought.  Now me, being an engineering student with no experience in any way with  digital arts, need your help badly.


      So basically what I  want to do is exactly something like this. Our pictures, with that kind  of text animations. Or, something better. I've come to this forum to  seek professional help from individuals with broad experience when it  comes to this subject matter. Your help would be so much appreciated.  Looking forward to your replies!