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    InDesign to iPad workflows & options

    stubs2345 Level 1

      Like many designers I have been somewhat frustrated with ID to iPad options for simple presentations. My needs are straight-forward and don't involve monetisation of 'apps' or anything distrubuted via the AppStore. I am simply wanting to produce presenations that get delivered on an iPad.


      • PDF is almost perfect, but doesn't cut it because of the inability to use video
      • Keynote doens't offer me the design flexibility (typefaces etc.) and I prefer to stay 100% (as much as possible) in InDesign
      • Not interested in the complex workflows going via Flash and HTML 5. Doesn't suit my workflow.


      Folio builder is obviously what I have been looking for and the primarily reason I just upgraded to CS5.5. I just cannot get my head around the workflows... I have spent days researching and just hang up after two hours on hold waiting for an Adobe Support tech... never again ;-)


      First question (and the most important): Can I use Folio Builder to produce presentations WITHOUT paying $500 a month? My understanding was that I should be able to still produce content and view it on a local iPad. One day I would love to produce 'real Apps' but for now, my clients simply don't have that need or the ability to make it cost effective. Can I output from InDesign to an iPad using the Folio Builder tools?


      Second question: I cannot get Content Viewer on my iMac or iPad to 'work'. By that I mean shared folios are not viewable. I can see shared files in Folio Builder but when I go to 'preview' it 'gets stuck' in Content Viewer. Blue bar just stops and after hours nothing happens. On the iPad I always get a message aksing me to 'upgrade the app' but it's the latest version...


      Anyway, thanks in advance for your time.