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    Smart Object in AE

    prashish chauhan

      Doing some animation work with a lot of vector elements that I am arranging in photoshop as smart objects.  I like to comp my AE stuff in Photoshop, even though I do the detail  vector work in Illustrator. Now, when working in AE...the PS composition  still sees the smart object as a PS layer. If I want to make changes to that smart object, must I reopen the illustrator file, edit, save it, reopen PS file, update smart object, save PSD, update layer source in AE?

      It seems like a heck of a lot of steps just to update a vector layer. Is there a way to quickly edit/access vector objects that have been arranged in Photoshop without having to jump through all these hoops or is there anyway that a smart object splits into layers in AE?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No. You are simply using a bad workflow. Skip PS, import your AI files directly in AE and arrange them. Likewise, you can replace the smart object layers at any time with AI native files...



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            prashish chauhan Level 1

            Hey, thanks for replying, but i am in middle of the project, and can't change the workflow right now, is there any possible way that i can split smart object as layers in ae?????

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I use your workflow all the time because I'm always having to bring PSD files into AE that have been created with smart vector objects. Edit original opens Photoshop, double click on vector smart object opens Illustrator, modify and save in AI, Save in Photoshop, and then the object is updated in AE. Not an awful extra step but a required one.


              Here's another solution that might work depending on the layer effects applied and the complexity of the smart object. When you have AI open select all the paths and copy. Back in AE deselect all layers and then double click the Rectangle Tool to add a new comp sized shape layer. Now paste. Your Illustrator path will become a mask on the Rectangle shape layer.


              You can even take this a step further by setting a keyframe for a mask path, copying that, then creating a new shape layer with the pen tool, setting a path keyframe, and then paste from the copied mask to the created shape keyframe. Now you have access to all of the cool shape layer tools like Repeater, Pucker and Bloat and the others. There's also a script out there somewhere that converts masks to shape layers.


              If your original PSD file was imported supporting layer styles you can open up the layer you are replacing Copy the layer styles, and then paste them to the shape layer.

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                JordanService Level 1

                "No. You are simply using a bad workflow."

                Creative applications are by design work flow agnostic-- hence they are creative applications, if the solutions were know you wouldn't need creative application, so saying your work flow is wrong is assuming you know 100% of the use cases when you don't you are being an arrogant ***.


                Mylenium, You don't decide work flow on creative applications. Having this work flow would be a huge improvement for some use-cases, and something that should be implemented-- The smart objects are not acting very smart.


                I see you all over the site and you add nothing, what waste of human energy-- anti creative.