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    Creating a Carousel style page Navigation for online magazine

    Macnimation Level 1



      Is it possible to create an OSX type Carousel page navigation system using Indesign CS5 or CS5.5?


      I have create a master page just for the page Navigation and I'm experimenting at the moment.


      I have created 5 boxes to represent the pages and I have set up the boxes as buttons and assigned animation to them so that on roll over the box expands by 50% and on Roll out the box comes back to normal.


      The problem so far is that the expanded button state grows and covers parts of the buttons on either side of it.


      Ideally I would like some way of setting it so that when the button expands the adjacent buttons move away?


      I was looking for a similar example apart from the OSX example and I found this.


      It actually looks like a magazine that would have been built in Indesign anyway?




      If you look at the navigation system, this is actually what I am trying to achieve?


      Is it possible in Indesign or how can I create something similar please?