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    PrinterJob instance without some methods

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      Hallo. I am building an Air application and i am trying to use the PrintJob class to print a page. In the actionscript 3.0 reference language i saw the PrintJob class and all it's methods.. My problem is that, in the reference help i can see some methods that i can't see in my application. There are some methods like printers, start2, which exists in the language reference but they don't exist in my flex 4 air application... In the reference this code works:


      import flash.printing.PrintJob;
           var myPrintJob:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
           myPrintJob.printer = "HP_LaserJet_1";


      But if i do copy/paste to my application it says that the property printer is undefined.... Why??.. Do i have some problems with my sdk??.. I made some flex 4 application and i had no problems with flash player... This is my first Air application and i see that my class does not mathc with reference clas... why??..


      Thx a lot