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    Automating applying lens profile and keeping as dng

    Matt Sampson

      Is there a way to automate applying a lens profile to a file and keep it as dng?  After importing files from my 5DMkII into Bridge as dng  I would like to apply the 24-105 lens profile to each one via a batch process as it's something that will have to be done sooner or later anyway.  I can do it one file at a time by opening the file in ACR, applying the profile and then clicking Done but I can't find a way of automating this without saving the file as PSD or Tiff or Jpeg etc and I want to keep the file as dng.  I suppose I could save as another format then trash that new file and the correction command would stay written to the dng file but it doesn't seem like a very efficient or elegant solution.


      I expect I'm missing something??



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          Yammer Level 4

          I don't understand the question. DNG is raw data - you can't apply a lens profile to it.


          You can set up ACR to enable Lens Correction by default (just tick the 'Enable Lens Profile Corrections' box, and then 'Save New Camera Raw Defaults'). You might also need to make sure that the particular lens profile is matched to the lens, by selecting 'Default' in the 'Setup' box below.


          That way, your raw files are automatically rendered with the lens profile, whenever you open them in ACR, but lens profiles are not transported with the DNG file.

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            Matt Sampson Level 1

            What I mean by apply a lens profile is that when I next look at it's Icon in Bridge it has the little grey circular badge top right with the two small triangles so I can see that in that the lens correction has been done.  I could have been more accurate with my terminology... sorry.


            Making the correction part of the default is a good idea, I'll try that, at least it means it would be done automatically.