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    copy to e-reader from Library , No way found , alas


      Bought a  second e-reader to be able to read e-pub format ( next to mobipocket on my other reader - by the way ridiculous that there are so may formats...- . Copied  books to my Adobe Digital Editions, but do not get message of setting up , or any other question. No way I seem to be able to read my recent books ( on the laptop of course ) but seriously, how do I get my new books  transferred to my new Aluratek e-reader? Please   send me  instrutions  as I do not seem to get  a pop-up screen wich allows me to transfer.  QWhat goews wrong at  the Library?  The Support office of Bol.com seems not to be able to help me so do not react anymore.  I am perfectly used to transferring books to my Bebook  so I'm not a nitwit but this  process with Adobe  baffles me. Help.


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          Maybe this will help (- and maybe I'll win the lottery if I buy a ticket).


          The sequence of events is important.  You need to register with the ebook

          home - Aluratek.  When you do that, Aluratek will write a small file to your

          Libre that contains information Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) will look for.


          Attach your Libre to your computer by cable, turn it on and then make sure

          that your computer recognizes that it's there.  For Windows PC's, you will

          see a series of messages in the lower right hand corner, telling you that a

          new device has been found, identifying it as a disk drive, and, finally,

          that your new hardware is ready to use.


          When your computer recognizes the device, start ADE.  As it starts up, it

          looks for ereaders that are attached to your computer.  When it finds one,

          it will look at that little file, to make sure that the device is

          registered with Aluratek.   ADE may tell you that it needs you to authorize

          the device, and you can do that simply at this time.


          Then, ADE will show the device in the left hand panel of the Library screen

          (along with the bookshelves), and the Libre will show that it's connected.

          Once you see the Libre displayed in this panel, you can transfer ebooks and

          other materials to it by dragging them from the Library and dropping them to

          the Libre.


          When you've finished transferring materials, you need to follow a set of

          steps to make sure that both devices close properly and synchronize the new



          In Windows PC, you need to eject the Libre by using the icon displayed in

          the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Click on it, and you'll get a

          message to 'Safely Remove Hardware', and click on that message, then click

          on the device it displays.  THEN, look at the Libre, and make sure it tells

          you that it's finished updating.  When it has, you can unplug it.


          After you eject the Libre, you can close ADE.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thanks a lot, really helpful. My Adobe Digital Edition needed updating  and afterwards it recognized my Aluratek reader.Many thanks for trying to help me!