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    amf channels overrided in modules?

    flex4 Level 2

      Hi All,


            I am facing serious problem in modules amf channels... I have two modules like Module1 and Module2. Module one having seperate context root and seperate services-config.xml and module2 has also separate context root and services-config.xml..


            Modules having following end points and channels...




               Channel :  my-amf

               endpoint : http://localhost:8080/Module1/messagebroker/amf




             Channel : sen-amf

             endpoint : http://localhost:8080/Module2/messageborker/amf



              Now what is my problem is I am loading Module2 into Module1. when I do some service calls in Module1 it is directly taking Module2 endpoints and over there it is searching for the destination and service... I dont know why this happens.. Please help.. This is creating sevious problem in my project please help ..


      how to get out from this issue..