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    XML signature in huge form

    horizon81 Level 1



      I have an eForm with 400+ fields. I have to apply XML signature on this form. For this, I have written following code on mousedown event of signature field:


      var oSigs = xfa.signature.enumerate();

      var iNum = oSigs.length;


      var oData = xfa.resolveNode("xfa.data.MainForm");

      xfa.signature.sign(oData,"xfa.data.signatures", "Employer");


      else if (iNum==1) {

      for (var i=0; i < iNum; i++)


          var oChild = oSigs.item(i);





      On applying XML signature it is taking too much time. In fact, sometimes I have to kill Adobe Reader process from Task Manager. Is it becuase of enormity of the form? The same scenario is working fine for smaller forms.