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    Struts1.x + Flex4 Using FlashBuilder (BlazeDs problem)

    S k R Pasha

      Hi All ,

        I have a Application with (Struts+Flex3) , which i am migrating to Flex4,

        In Java(Struts 1.x) i have a action which extends org.apache.struts.action.Action,

      in which i am calling Dao methods for inserting and getting list etc.


      My problem is  while connecting to  Data/Service(Using BlazeDs) from FlashBuilder ,after i chosen Service type as  BlazeDs  then my service which i implemented in remote-config.xml(in java side) is appearing correctly. Like in image 1.jpg




      But my problem is ..when i click finish after selecting service then the Error Saying :


      Overloaded method is not supported for Introspection... like image 2.jpg



      whats the wrong with the Overloaded methods in Java while connecting with Blazeds in flex4 ???


      please help with this......