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    Search Results Not Highlighted

    LHTman Level 1

      After a recent update Acrobat 9 Standard 9.4.5 does not highlight search ruseults.  Is anybody else having this problem?  Is there a setting I can change?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Look at the main page. This was discussed several times during the last few


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            LHTman Level 1

            Thanks for the pointer to the Main Page, unfortunatly I don't know what that is.  I have seen a thread on this issue in the Reader forum but not read a fix yet.


            Also, I may have improperly identified my issue.  It is the FIND function that does not highlight the results.  Perhaps they are one in the same.



            It does highlight find results when Acrobat is opened in a browser page.  I have "Enabled search highlights from external highlight server" but don't know exactly what that means.

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              LHTman Level 1

              Adobe has relayed that this is an idendtified issue in the message below that is being worked on.


              Hello Leland,


              Thank you for taking the time to notify us of this unexpected behavior after updating to Acrobat 9.4.5. This has been identified as a bug by our Engineering team.  They are hard a work adding a fix to be included in the next update.  There is no time frame for this patch to be released.


              We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this issue resolved in the future.




              Ed Hutton

              Adobe Systems Inc

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                Jon E P Level 1

                I'm experiencing this too. Most frustrating! Hope it's fixed soon.

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                  Until the "Find" function is repaired, try going to Edit-Search and enter your search term and search in the current document.  It will list all of the matches.  When you click on a result, it will take you to the page where the term is found.  There will be a tiny mark next to the matching term in the document but it is tough to see.  But if you double click the the result in the list, the matching term will be highlighted  in the document.

                  At least it worked for me.

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                    Ditto experience.  For those frequently using search this bug is a very frustrating experience when working with large docs. The bug should be  be mentioned many, many times in many places.  DO NOT update to 9.4.5.  Restore 9.4.4 (if you updated to 9.4.5) from your back up and tell Adobe frequently.  I generally trust Adobe and update immediately. This is bad enough to change that policy.

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                      grossmusic Level 1

                      there are now several threads on this


                      Two weeks & NOTHING! I called them within HOURS of the problem's creation & they promised within a week.




                      I encourage EVERYONE to INUNDATE them with calls:


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                        SteveSea Level 1

                        You should not over look the probable simplicity of returning to 9.4.4.  I renamed 9.4.5 to BAD Acrobat 9.4.5 and dragged 9.4.4 into applications folder from back-up.  9.4.4 works as before and I can patiently wait for Adobe's immediate fix of 9.4.5.  Right

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                          Bryan Capps Level 1

                          It appears that I've improved the issue on my machine. I have Acrobat Professsional Extended version 9 on Windows XP.  When I updated to 9.4.5, like for so many others, my search results stopped being highlighted (specifically, the first search result on any one page).  I installed Adobe Reader X alongside Acrobat 9 on my machine and, voila, that installation improved the search-highligh issue in Acrobat Professional.  Interesting.  It did not, however, fix the bug relating to the inability to select multiple pages in the pages panel, but I can live with that.


                          Let me know if this approach works for you as well.


                          Bryan Capps

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                            I have liked Adobe products up until Adobe Reader X and Pro 9.4.5.

                            Both of these seem like they were written first-year college students.  The bugs are horrible.  I have an idea:  start testing your software "updates" BEFORE you release them!


                            On Reader, I liked the way the FIND window was always on the toolbar.  Now the update removes it and makes you have to open in a separate window below the toolbar.  This sucks.


                            Now on Pro 9.4.5, the FIND is absolutely useless.

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                                   The 9.4.5 bug of not highlighting the first “hit” on each page when doing a search is very annoying. How could Adobe break the most commonly used feature in Acrobat 9 in such an obscure way, never have regression tested this basic function given the 3 month (or sometimes more) release cycle, and conveniently not have broke it in Acrobat X?  Then, there are web forum recommendations pushing to upgrade to X — which completely changed the User Interface which will result in significant loss of productivity while bridging the learning curve. It reminds me of how OCR Suspects are never found/flagged in Acrobat 9 and then was fixed only in X (have to buy a paid upgrade to get bug fixes and relearn the interface to boot).  I would be remiss at this point not to mention that Adobe had promised me an upgrade to Acrobat X a couple years back due to two bugs in 9 (the OCR suspects mentioned above and Touch Up Text Tool editting/correcting the OCR underlayer), but then after X did finally come out they didn't honor their word on what they explicitly and definitely promised me.

                                   It's probably for the better anyway because the new X interface is reminiscent of the Office 2007 MS Ribbon changes that annoy longtime loyal MS customers with interface changes/lost productivity in the effort to make it easier for new customers even though they have to learn something either way regardless. At least Adobe didn't do the Ribbon yet, but I would strongly recommend to them enhancing the Help Interface/Documentation for newbie’s rather than force needless constant change/lost productivity on long-time users.  The user interface, that Adobe originally created, is primary to the user experience -- and moving everything around does not make existing well-versed customers happy.  I would venture to say that Adobe has proven itself incompetent with it's poor quality release updates which arguably do more harm than good -- especially considering there are other settings to improve Acrobat security (turning off JavaScript, not automatically trusting sites from the Win OS security zones, and not allowing the opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications).  I for one plan to turn off automatic updates and self-screen future updates after the 9.4.5 diabolical is finally fixed.  As for not being able to use Shift & Ctrl directly on the Page pane thumbnails bug, the circumvention to drag a window around a group of pages, hold down Shift, and drag a window around a second group of pages could be further clarified with the following:  Once your blue highlighted contiguous/non-contiguous selection is made, be sure to drag a thumbnail graphic directly to move it and don't try to drag the blue shaded perimeter area (which results in clearing the blue highlighting).  This does provide a better circumenvention for that bug as compared to the cumbersome Advanced Search circumvention for the Search non-highlighting bug.  I can only hope Adobe is not so arrogant that they listen to the outcry of their customers...  

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                                I've been experiencing the same issue which is a pain.I assume it's a highlight colour setting that needs to be adjusted

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                                  AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                  Hi www.islandinkjet.com,

                                       The problem is there's a bug where the first Find/Search "hit" on each page doesn't highlight, but if the Find/Search target word occurs twice or more on a given page then those subsequent "hits" highlight as expected.  The circumvention is to select the drop-down arrow next to the Acrobat 9.4.5 Find/Search box, select Open Full Acrobat Search... (or alternately press Shift+Ctrl+F), enter the target search text, press the Search button, and then click each Results: line item twice (the second time is what gets around the bug of the first 'hit" on each page not highlighting).  My understanding is that after many many bug reports/complaints including a couple to the Better Business Bureau, that Adobe has targeted to fix this bug approximately 9/13/2011 (normal 3 month release cycle).  Hopefully they will in fact follow-through and make good on correcting these rather peculiar bugs affecting some of the most commonly used features in Acrobat AND will close the apparently gapping holes in their software development/test process.  Best regards.

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                                    MisterMidnight Level 1

                                    "On  Reader, I liked the way the FIND window was always on the toolbar.  Now  the update removes it and makes you have to open in a separate window  below the toolbar.  This sucks."


                                    This is one of the worst changes in the new versions. No only did they remove the search box from where COMMON SENSE dictates that it should be, they made it so small that you can hardly see or use the box. The up/down arrows must be carefully selected with the mouse as they are so close together. And, you can only see a couple words at a time in the narrow Search box. Too bad the people who make these stupid design decisions don't actually USE the product.



                                    "Both  of these seem like they were written first-year college students."


                                    More like high school...

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                                      AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                      I should be clear to state Adobe's official position given to me on 7/11/2011: "This has been identified as a bug by our Engineering team.  They are  hard at work creating a fix to be included in the next update.  There is  no time frame for this patch to be released...  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this issue resolved in the future."  In other words, they have provided no target release date or commitment.  Adobe, please don't try to change/add features to Acrobat 9 unless they are critical since your software development/release process is apparently semi-out of control.  Please strive towards application stability by only changing what is absolutely necessary in a conservative "do no harm" type manner.  You have made many many customers very frustrated, lowered brand loyalty, and reduced confidence in major releases like Acrobat X.

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                                        Talk about a pain in the neck, the search button should be easier to locate. I feel like the mouse has a fat finger instead of an arrow when trying to use the arrows. Good luck with us getting the patch sooner then later.

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                                          AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                          Apparently Acrobat 9 document searches are not the only ones with a bug.  When trying to search this web forum it doesn't find any hits when they would be expected?  Why is that Adobe?

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                                            annoyed_user Level 1

                                            Yeah, a pointer to this new thread on the "main page" would have been really helpful. Seriously, not fixing the highlighting problem for search/find results is beyond the pale. It's such a critical function! So, clearly, as usual, Adobe cares only about the money: Not enough important users have this problem so it's not worth Adobe paying a bunch of developers to fix it.
                                            So hello free Foxit Reader! :-)


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                                              Without the highlight, Find is rendered useless.


                                              I'm embarrassed to say that I used to work for this company. Come on, Acrobat group! Get your act together! Fix this NOW!

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                                                RichPasco Level 1

                                                jjjjjbbbbb wrote:


                                                On Reader, I liked the way the FIND window was always on the toolbar.  Now the update removes it and makes you have to open in a separate window below the toolbar.  This sucks.


                                                As I recall, in Acrobat 9.4.5 I was able to put it back by just dragging it to the toolbar.  Or maybe I went to Tools / Customize Toolbars and checked the box next to "Find Toolbar" (at the highest level).  In any event, it's permanently on my toolbar now.


                                                Would this also work for Reader?

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                                                  I have also wasted a huge amount of time on this. There is no reason, absolutely none, that Adobe shouldn't have fixed this months ago. I'm downloading FoxIt now because I need the search function.

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                                                    AcroStandardUser Level 1


                                                         As it has now been 11.5 weeks since the buggy Acrobat 9.4.5 was pawned off on us unsuspecting auto-update users, I couldn't agree with you more about having wasted too much time documenting related detailed Internet posts.  The aggravation stemming from running into this bug over and over again due to Adobe Acrobat's slooooowwwwwww semi-out-of-control software enhancement/development process is high for me.  I don't blame you a bit for installing alternative PDF tools that function properly.  To that end I would recommend considering the following free PDF apps:

                                                    (1) PrimoPDF (best PDF printer driver)

                                                    (2) PDF-Xchange Viewer 2.5.197 (best PDF viewer + comments/markup)

                                                    (3) PDFTools 1.3 (rearrange, split/join, encrypt/decrypt PDFs)

                                                    No one should forget that PDF is an open standard format and free alternatives to Acrobat's premium price structure / buggy products do exist.  Best regards.

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                                                      CompletelyClueless Level 1

                                                      Thanks for the suggestions, AcroStandardUser. I downloaded the FREE version of Foxit after reading about it on this thread. I want to reiterate my DISGUST at Adobe's obvious refusal to fix one of the MOST IMPORTANT functions on Acrobat. Didn't anyone at Adobe bother to test their shoddy and non-functional update before subjecting it on their CUSTOMERS?! How many THOUSANDS of hours have now been wasted, worldwide, because their software team is incompetent? I'll check out the PDF apps you suggested. If Adobe won't fix their own errors that impact an essential component of their EXPENSIVE program, maybe the next time I spend big bucks to create and edit .pdf files, I'll take my business elsewhere.

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                                                        same problem,


                                                        also since using Windows 7 hyperlinks in my Word documents to pdf's says it cannot open the pdf.


                                                        I always have found this acrobat application annoying comparing to other applications. I mean this long startup showing loaded items i'm not interested in, these unrequested update requests and different looks of different versions.

                                                        But besides that it normally works fine and I used it a lot.


                                                        I think the developpers did a great job, anyhow, today I swapped to FoxitReader, and low and behold: it's a relief!





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                                                          AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                                          Happy 90-day Anniversary Adobe Acrobat 9.4.5 "Find Not Highlighting" and "Page Thumbnail Ctrl/Shift Multi-selection" bugs.  Adobe had approx. 90 days to get the last quarterly update right, but frustrated mass users to no end by releasing apparently sloppy, untested, hack-code, but then make their customers suffer the consequences of Adobe's cost/resource-cutting business model for the next 3 months -- hoping all the while their clients will upgrade to Acrobat X -- which conveniently works fine in these regards -- for a fee.  To Adobe:  Especially since your stock is down 30% in 4 months, you might actually want to try a little harder to satisfy the clients who send their money to Accounts Recievable.  You also probably would do well to listen to the founding leadership of one of your biggest competitors:

                                                          "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." -- Bill Gates


                                                          I would be one of those most unhappy customers...

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                                                            RichPasco Level 1

                                                            I had posted the issue through Adobe's tech support system, and on Friday 9/2 got a voicemail from "Ed at Adobe" (no last name stated, but he did give his cell phone #).  Ed said the problem would be fixed in the next scheduled update due out on September 13 (tomorrow as I write this).  I am eager to see whether the problem is really fixed -- and what other new bugs will have slipped through Quality Review this time.

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                                                              AcroStandardUser Level 1


                                                                   I'm "hoping" you are right, because all I got from an Adobe employee is they were "hoping" to have these fixed in the next quarterly release -- with no actual real commitment.

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                                                                simonlwhiting Level 1

                                                                It's fixed! - or it seems to be, on quick testing - in the latest update, 9.4.6, issued today (13.09.11). (Or 9/13/11, in American.)


                                                                About time too - it's been driving me mad.


                                                                Not that you could tell that from the update notes - no mention of it in the fixed bug list. But perhaps it would have been too embarrassing for Adobe to have put in: "Fixed: extremely serious bug introduced by the last update."


                                                                Which obviously leads on to the next question: what other features that had been working fine, have now been broken by this update? - time will tell ...



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                                                                  CompletelyClueless Level 1

                                                                  Yup, it works. Now I wonder what NEW disasterous bugs they've introduced that will take months to fix.

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                                                                    vbhv_malik Level 1

                                                                    This issue seems fixed with Adobe's latest update (9.4.6). And with this update no new issues have appeared.

                                                                    So it seems that we should update our Acrobat to latest version as soon as possible.

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                                                                      AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                                                      Not even the slightest mention of the 9.4.6 bug fixes in the detailed Release Bulletin at http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb11-24.html

                                                                      Too much pride to admit any fault.  All I can say is...

                                                                      Edit menu – Click Preferences… – Select Categories: Updater – Select "Do not download or install updates automatically"

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                                                                        vbhv_malik Level 1

                                                                        Doing so might leave you vulnerable.

                                                                        Moreover, it isn't a matter of pride, but of being secure and error free. The important thing is that this update has fixed any previous grievences and works absolutely fine.

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                                                                          simonlwhiting Level 1

                                                                          Well, yes, it might leave some vulnerability - but that may be a lesser evil than risking introducing a new really annoying bug that interefers with standard day-to-day useof the product. As to 9.4.6 - yes, I've installed it, as it does fix (back) the search highlighting issue; and that's reason enough for me to RISK installing it, & hoping that after a week or two I don't find that something else is broken.

                                                                          However I certainly plan to block automatic updates from now on, & in future wait for a while to install any update, whilst watching out for any forum postings about any serious bugs that it might have introduced. That policy might inded result in some increased security risk for a few weeks - but it's that, or risk losing major functionality. The question is, which option is statistically more likely to seriously interfere with my work? I now feel that waiting to install is the lesser risk.



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                                                                            AcroStandardUser Level 1

                                                                            It would be helpful if Adobe would make their detailed bug fix change log public on their website as an aid to their users.  It would also be helpful if they would make a way to back-off an update that isn't extremely cumbersome or that back-levels the whole operating system.  The bottom-line is that Adobe has proven their Acrobat development is semi-out-of-control in terms of code quality, slow to release bug fixes despite mass customer outcry and Better Business Bureau complaints, and are untrustworthy of being granted blind automatic update authority (unless of course you want to be on their beta+ test team).  In terms of addressing security, changing some of Acrobat's insecure default options goes a long way:


                                                                            One-time Settings (Virus Protection):  Edit menu – Click Preferences… – Click Categories: JavaScript – Uncheck Enable Acrobat JavaScript – Click Categories: Security (Enhanced) – Uncheck Automatically trust sites from my Win OS security zones - Click Categories: Trust Manager – Uncheck Allow opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications.


                                                                            It's great Adobe finally fixed it's Acrobat bugs.  However, it still doesn't change any of the above.

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                                                                              I have updated to 9.4.6 this last week.  The Search Highlight was still not working until I did one of the hints below (in prior 9.4.5 thread) as follows: 

                                                                              Open Full Acrobat Search (if not on your toolbar, add it, or just use SHFT+CTRL+F). 

                                                                              Search for any word in the document.

                                                                              On the Results pane, double-click on any word result.

                                                                              It will go to the word and show it highlighted.

                                                                              From that point forward, all future words appear highlighted.


                                                                              So, it's fixed -- just needs a little help to activate it the first time. Good luck, and agree, this is such a highly used function of Adobe, it should never have been released not working in recent past versions -- but hey, admit it, Adobe overall is a pretty cool program.

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                                                                                simonlwhiting Level 1

                                                                                I didn't need to do the "Full Acrobat Search" kludge to get the highlighting working after updating to 9.4.6 - it worked for me straight after the update.

                                                                                I'm fairly sure that when the "Full Acrobat Search" trick was used in 9.4.5, it didn't fix the highlighting in ordinary searches in any way - it was just an awkward work-around that had to be used every time, to get results highlighted.

                                                                                It seems odd that you needed to use it to get things working after the 9.4.6 update, but if you're sure, then I guess it may be a useful thing for other folk to try, if they find that simply applying the update isn't enough on its own.

                                                                                I agree that Acrobat is a very good program - now & again, including during this debacle, I have eyed up the opposition, & downloaded various trial versions - but none of them turn out to be as good at things like minimising all the UI stuff (I work with all toolbars off much of the time), using single key shortcuts, etc. In other words - I'm a strongly keyboard-centric user, like to see as much as possible of the document itself, & no other program seems to be quite as flexible.

                                                                                At least - that's the case with version 9.0. I tried out Acrobat X but found that I couldn't do many of my routine 50 times a day tasks without needing another keystroke or two - or even, God forbid, having to touch the mouse! - & I seem to remember it was unrealistic to get the UI quite as clean. No simple "F8, F9, F4" & all the clutter goes. That's if I remember right - perhaps I don't - maybe I'll have another look. But then again, maybe Adobe should think of branching into "bling" & "classic" versions. (Or maybe I should just stick with version 9 indefinitely!)