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    what I like and what I miss in 5.5


      Before going into what I'm missing I'd like to po

      int out that there are some new things that I really like in the new release:

      Most important to me is being able to directly edit multichannel audio. Finally I can process surround files without splitting theminto stereo waves. What a great increase in productivity! Also noise reduction is working MUCH faster now, especially analyzing the noise footprint is almost instantaneous.


      What I really miss is the scientific filter. This really seems like a thing that any good audio editor ought to have and it was very nice to work with in 3.0.


      In 3.0 I could have audition recognise and mark pauses within a track, very useful to split a recording of samples into individual notes.


      I'd much appreciate if those things came back!!


      Many thanks


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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Hi Reiner,


          Thanks for the notes.  The Scientific Filter hasn't been dropped forever and should be available in a future release.  As for the ability to detect silence in tracks, this functionality has been moved into the Diagnostics Panel.  Click Window > Diagnostics and choose "Mark Audio" in the "Effect" dropdown.  Scan the file and select MARK ALL which will create range markers around each area of audio, separated by any pauses.  You can then export each region to a unique file by opening the Markers panel and selecting the last button in the panel menu (Export audio of selected range markers to separate files.)