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    10.1.0 Update breaks Code 39 barcodes

    alexcosby Level 1

      I use barcodes extensively to automate forms, and the update to 10.1.0 broke the ability to use Code 39 barcodes.  The font now displays a few lines of barcodes and a series of squares where the rest of the barcode should be.  Interestingly, static barcodes appear to be fine, but dynamically generated barcodes fail 100% of the time after updating to 10.1.0.

      I've developed an uninstall/reinstall package to move our 367 PCs back to 10.0.1, and this has solved the problem.  The issue is also occurring on Acrobat X when users upgrade to 10.1.0.

      Is there a known workaround?  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  I hate to keep our users on old versions, but I'll be holding off on allowing Reader/Acrobat updates until I have a fix.