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    Accessing details of a swf loaded in a wrapper swf

    stevoad Level 1



      I'm trying to create a MPU sized swf (wrapper swf) that loads a exisiting ActionScript 2 ad (swf a) , but when the loaded swf gets to the last frame I want to be able to load in another swf (swf b).


      I've tried using a Loader component to load the first swf, which works but the size of the Loader component does not show swf a at full size.


      So I was thinking of using another method to load the swf, I was thinking of using the 'loadMovieNum' function, but the problem I have is how can I tell when the loaded swf (swf a) has finished running? I can't amend the loaded swf to tell the wrapper that it has finished as these are third party ads, which I won't have access to the source code.


      Is there someway I can access that the loaded swf has reached it last frame? If I can then I can add an event to tell the wrapper swf to load the second swf.