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    Why do my plug-ins fail after upgrade from CS3 to CS5?


      Hi there

      I'm using InDesign CS5 7.0.3 Middle Eastern version on 64 bit Windows 7, and have only just upgraded from CS3. We were using Virginia Systems InFnote under CS3 with no problems. We upgraded to InFnote for CS5, it's correctly loaded and registered, but now InDesign crashes when I select any item from the InFnote menu. I have tried loading the plug-in onto another pc with Indesign CS5 7.0.3 English version on 32 bit Windows 7, but with the same result. I have upgraded to CS5.5, and loaded a new plug-in, but again it only crashes. Virginia Systems support suggested Fontexpert or similar might be clashing but I'm not using any font suitcase-type plug-ins. I installed Ctrl Changes Pro at the same time as the upgrade, but unloading this makes no difference to InFnote. I have been using the same fonts throughout, and these haven't changed since the upgrade. I have tried unloading non-system fonts, and remaking the InDesign prefs, but with no success.

      Has anyone had similar problems and maybe could suggest what might be clashing?


      Many thanks