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    javascript that runs when document opens



      I’m new to javascripting. I created a timesheet in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 that the user can digitally sign. I need a script that will execute when the document opens that will check to see if a field has a certain value in it, and if it does, reset the signature field. When the employee opens the timesheet to fill it out each pay period I would like Acrobat to clear the signature field, removing their old signature. After signing the timesheet they send it to their supervisor for signature. I can’t add reset form to the doc open because I need the employee signature intact at this point, I don’t want it to remove the employee signature when the supervisor opens it to sign it. I would like Acrobat to examine a checkbox field called “Submitted for Approval”; if this field is checked, then leave the signature intact. If it isn’t checked, remove the signature. Can anyone help me with this script? I’m new to javascripting.