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    Remove broken links in RH 7.0.2


      I'm working on a project where the Help covers two different releases of a plug-in Adapter.  I thought I was going to have to have two different sets of files for one section of the product for release 4 and release 5, so I copied the existing folder and had "feature" and "feature4" folders.  Then, as it turned out, there weren't that many differences, so I deleted the "feature4" fodler.  I deleted the files and folder from within RoboHelp, so I assumed that if there had been any problems, I would have received a warning.  Apparently I was wrong.  =(


      Now I have Broken Links that refer to that deleted "feature4" folder.  I do NOT want to restore those files, because I don't need them.  I've checked all the hyperlinks in the topics in the "feature" folder and in the generated output, and they all seem to work.


      So, my question is, what file does RoboHelp use to store hyperlinks?  Is there any way to go in and hack the code to remove broken links to files that you have deleted and don't want to restore?

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          JulieID Level 1

          Well that only took me three hours.  I had four broken links to repair. At one point I had one fixed and then it came back.  *shakes fist at sky*


          Can I just say that the Broken Links feature is remarkably unhelpful and non-intuitive?


          For anyone else who is here searching for answers, here's what I did.  (because "go in and fix it manually" is remarkably UNhelpful if you don't know what you're looking for)


          1. Under the Broken Links folder, double-click the broken link reference.
          2. In the Topic References dialog, click one of the references, then click Edit.  The topic will open.
          3. Click the HTML tab so you're looking at the code view.
          4. In the toolbar, go to Edit > Find.
          5. Search for links within the HTML code (I used part of the HTML code for a link, "href" as my search term).
          6. When you find the link code that matches what is shown in the Broken Links view, fix the link (edit the code, or place your cursor in the link then click the Design tab, then remove/replace the hyperlink).


          Two of my links required me to search the code as described above. I searched the code view and located the references to the "feature4" folder and deleted or corrected them.  The other two were links to deleted or renamed files, so I clicked Restore in the Topic References dialog box, recreated the files, then deleted the recreated files.  That seemed to fix those links.


          Oy, now to get some actual work done today!