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    Problems with ".selectedValue"

      I have created a RadioButtonGroup with 4 buttons. I have named the group "HandHGroup" and each button ID as the following. hhg1, hhg2, hhg3, hhg4.

      My problem is when the user selects another option on the page, any previous selection on the "HandHGroup" needs to be unclicked. so... when that other option is checked all i do to unselect this "HandHGroup" is do the following:

      hhg1.selected = false;
      hhg2.selected = false;
      hhg3.selected = false;
      hhg4.selected = false;

      This all works well, The problem is that later in the code i use " tis = HandHGroup.selectedValue" to find out which one was selected. However, when i need to clear the group using the above code, and then if i read " tis = HandHGroup.selectedValue" it always returns the last selected value, even though none of them are selected on the web page. I have even tried adding "HandHGroup.selectedValue = null" when i want to clear them and this does not work.

      Any ideas how to clear the last selected value and return it to null when nothing is selected ?