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    Improving search results in CHM files


      I am upgrading my help projects from RoboHelp 5 to RoboHelp 8. The Keyword search feature in RoboHelp 8 is exactly what I need to improve users' search results. As I am reading and testing, the feature works great for my WebHelp projects.


      However, I also produce Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) projects. I need to be able to cross-reference product features using multiple word descriptions. For example, in the help content I might describe the feature as "Feature ABC" but the developer may call it "Process XYZ".  I want to link those terms so that the appropriate topic displays when searching the help (not searching the index.) I do not want to include the term within the topic like how I understand the See Also feature works. It doesn't appear that the synonym feature is exactly what I am looking for either.


      I want to improve the overall search experience for CHM files. What recommendations do you have?


      Thanks for your help!