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    default xml namespace = v hangs app

    nlk10010 Level 1

      This is probably due to my relative inexperience with Flex (using FlashBuilder 4.5 and Flex SDK 3.6) but I've got an app that is acting strangely and I'd like to find out what's wrong.


      Briefly, I'm trying to parse some XML (returned from a REST service) and, within a private function, am creating a namespace (call it v). I then use the directive default xml namespace = v. However, upon trying to launch and debug the app it hangs at application startup. The default directive is in a private function (actually a function called only when my HTTP service completes) of a component. Regardless, if I comment out the default directive the application works normally.


      Again, this function isn't even CALLED unless I essentially click a button to access the service, so I have absolutely no idea why it appears to be affecting the loading of my app.


      I have used Google to search for "Flex default xml namespace hangs app" but have found only one reference (in passing, with no solution offered).


      Thanks for any pointers.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Post a 20-line test case.

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            nlk10010 Level 1

            I will try at some point but I can't cut down my current app to do it, it's just too large.


            However, I did debug the app and I saw what the problem is. My view component, located in (for example) com.xyz.myapp.view, loads several other components, all located in com.xyz.myapp.components. As a result, the Panel component in the View contains  (among other directives) xmlns:components="com.xyz.myapp.components.*". Both the namespace variable v and the default xml namespace directive are in a private function in one of the components the main view loads. When I ran the app under the debugger it terminated almost immediately with "Error 1065: variable com.xyz.mypp.components::v is not defined".


            That's all I can tell you for now.


            Thanks for the reply.