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    Workspace created in previous version

    Energetic Pixels

      Ok, I created a couple of workspaces with Flash Builder 4.5.  Then a couple of days ago, I allowed the application to update itself to Flash Builder 4.5.1.  Now I get an alert box that says "The current workspace was created by a previous version of Flash Builder. Using the workspace with this version of Flash Builder is not recommended and may cause issues".  Why do I need to recreate my workspaces each time I update Flash Builder, even with a minor version release from Adobe????



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          I have the same baffling question - what's up with this?  I'd love to hear an explanation from Adobe on how to ready all of my previous Workspaces created in 4.5 for 4.5.1.

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            Claudiu Ursica Level 4

            Happened to me also. Fortunately I only had one project in it at the time (fresh windows instal) and i exported it, deleted the workspace, and forgot about it. I am curious though what are the risks if you just ignore it, and continue with the existing workspace.



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              Energetic Pixels Level 1

              I am glad to know that I am not the only one seeing this preposterous error.  I have 16 active projects (along with 23 more archived projects) that are spread out over 3 workspaces.  When I loaded 4.5, I maticulously archived, made new 4.5 workspace, then moved the old project over to new w/s.  I did not think that I was going to run into same error when Adobe came out with minor change (4.5.1).


              Hey Adobe, most of the time you run a good product.  Got a work around for this???



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                camdenx Level 1

                Minimally, the upgrade process should have alerted the user to the fact that this would happen and allow them to bail.  Poor, poor design.


                What I'm going to do probably is revert back to 4.5 instead of spending HOURS exporting/importing and/or setting up NEW 4.5.1 workspaces AND reconfiguring all of my git repositories to USE new 4.5.1 workspaces.


                Does anyone know what benefit exists by upgrading?  It may not be worth spending the time (== $) doing all of this if it isn't worth it.

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                  This is a complete pain, but I think I've found the easiest way to fix it.


                  Instead of following Adobe's suggested process (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/899/cpsid_89996.html), I did the following.


                  1. Created a new workspace path (my old one was \Adobe Flash Builder 4.5, so I named the new one \Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1).

                  2. Copied all of my projects to the new workspace folder (EXCEPT one that was in my git folder).

                  3. Switched to the new workspace (\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1).

                  4. Used File > Import Flash Builder Project... to pull in each project from the new workspace folder (or, for the one project in the git folder, I just pulled it in straight from the git folder).


                  Some of my SVN connections were all set. One of them had to be reconnected (it immediately found the repository). The git project also had to be reconnected to the repository.


                  A lot easier than going through all the import/export shenanigans Adobe suggested. Maybe there are some preferences that were lost, but I don't have particular or unique preference settings for almost any of my projects, so if you have complicated settings there, you may have to use the Adobe method.

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