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    Adobe X in web browser without tool bar vs. traditional with tool bar?


      I just downloaded Adobe X in order to deal with the "search" bug going on in the latest version of Reader 9.  The search function works now.


      However, when I open a pdf that has been emailed to me, it opens in a "browser" mode (pardon the term...not sure how else to say it).  This allows multiple "tabs" to be opened and multiple PDF documents to organized in 1 browser.  However....in this mode I do not seem to be able to access the full search tool bar (with page numbers, magification, etc.) as I do when I open the document traditonally.


      Picture 1:  Here (below) is how the doc looks when I open it.  I can open various tabs, etc.


      Adobe in Browser view with no Search tools.JPG



      Picture 2:  But below is the way it opens when I save the file and "open" it through Adobe.  It has the nice toolbar I need when working with these documents.

      Pic of Adobe with Search Bar I like.JPG


      Is there any way that I can open a PDF file in the "browser" mode (picture 1) while still having the circled toolbar as shown in picture 2?



      Thanks!!  Sorry if the pictures are not clear,



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          I'm having the same issue with Reader Version 10.1 Update.   Let me go back a little and explain.


          Our workplace was using Adobe Reader 10.0.1 but did not like to use the "Floating Toolbar", there was a way for us to turn it off in the registry.  When we did turn it off, the toolbar was docked in the IE browser. 


          When we updated it to version 10.1, this stopped.  now we don't get the floating toolbar or the docked toolbar in IE7.  If I turn it back on in the registry, the floating toolbar comes back, but I have to click the "Reader Icon" in that toolbar to dock it in the broswer.  But unfortuenately we have to do that with every PDF we open now and is annoying.


          This is an issue version 10.1 has produced.