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    Upgrade???  If so Mac vs PC.




      I am not here to start a flame war over the two platforms.  Just some basic questions before I make the Adobe Production Premium Plunge...    


      I am using Sony Vegas 8.  I am looking to learn and eventually become proficient in After Effects so it seemed more economical and realistic to jump into Premiere as well and get the Production Premium Suite.


      My current rig consists of a Mac Pro Dual 3.2 quad core Harpertown with 10gigs of Ram, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, and 4 1tb drives (non raid).  Now before you ask why did I get a mac, I also do audio production in Logic on the mac side.


      My first big question, can this rig run Premiere and After Effect 5.5 effectively if editing HD content.  If so, what platform would it be better to run it on?  Also, what upgrades would you do to get the most out of the rig (raid, graphic card update, etc.)


      Now I got this computer at a great price two years ago so if I were to sell I can recoup most of my money.  This could go to a new PC but I would still be forking out around $1k for the rig I had in mind.


      The big question, keep the current dual quad core rig and possibly spend $1k on upgrades or sell now and get a single quad or hexacore i7 system with all the bells and whistles for 1K more?